Dear Gentlemen,


how do you do?


I’m Cecille. An independent companion in my twenties, based in east coast, Boston and New York. I am open to all kinds of relationships- including long term arrangements.


I do look like my photos, petite and delicate. While my face is blurred for security and protection, rest assured that my face and personality are some of my stronger attributes. Publicly, I am elegant, charming, well-mannered, and feminine. I take pride in being immaculately presented and dressed for the occasion. I am also a naughty woman and a collector of designer lingerie, so I will always have sexy little things beneath my clothes...a personal little fetish for your eyes only, that will be some moist details just between you and you… 


I consider myself a hedonistic woman, always seeking pleasurable sensations. I am proud to say I live my life to the fullest. Time is the most precious commodity and one of my favourite ways to spend such time is with my lovers. The ability to meet different kinds of people and share moments of intimacy and chemistry feeds my spirit with satisfaction. For me these experiences go beyond intimacy, so creating a connection is a priority to me, to really savour our chemistry. Every date is a new adventure, unique and special. Maybe it is only a brief moment in our lives, but with that comes memories that last forever.

I am a very passionate person about many things. A believer In true love, very romantic and sensual, I also come with a level of pragmatism that initially drew me to the notion of becoming a companion I was, and am, still surprised at how many great stories, moments, relationships, and love have brewed from a place in which one would least expect it.

You only live once.

your dream-catcher Cecille

Why are you a companion?

I love being the femme fatale who is desired, admired and appreciated. The girl who is totally uninhibited and does whatever she wants, whenever she wants and with whomever she wants.


I actually even prefer escorting in many ways. The people I choose to meet are more diverse. I learn so much from them in all sorts of areas. 


I value intelligence and it’s such a plus when I get to spend time with someone intellectually stimulating... It’s so cool how escorting satisfies these two aspects of my personality at the same time. I love it.


And like many girls, I love to be adored. I love compliments. I love thoughtful gifts and experiences. I love to be impressed. I like being spoiled. But that’s not to say I’m spoilt. I’m very down to earth and approachable. I don’t let all the compliments go to my head.

And different from any other escort I know from an escort agency or independent call girls - I have the talent to stroke and massage the depths of your heart. I can bring you a so refreshing companion experience. This is more personal and difficult to be linguistic.





This is the million-dollar question… someone asked before. Being a companion and anything else related is sadly still taboo. 


Before starting it, I was worried about what would happen if I didn’t like it as I imagined. But it was easy to tell my dad about it as he a super open-minded person. He said, “I would be happier if you would do something else but if this is what you want then do it right, take care of yourself and make sure you'll make the right decision." And my best friend - she was not a big fan because she worried if that will work well for me and whom I will meet. And slowly she accepted the idea and being supportive of me.

What do people close to you think about it?
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Do you have future plans?

This is a perfect lifestyle for me. I’m very occupied with studying so this is a perfect way to meet people who’re respectful, open-minded and very competent in reaching their goal in life. That’s inspirations. I've learnt a lot from them. But of course, I’m always trying new things. I’m big on self-improvement. I don’t just read everything I can about eroticism. Currently, I’m reading a lot of psychology, art, history and business books. 


How does your private life look like?

People expect me to be an extrovert but frankly, I’m really not. I actually don’t like too much attention so the usual party lifestyle isn’t really me. I love to meet interesting people but I can be very well spending time with my own self. Cultural experiences, theatre and restaurants are more my styles. I don’t always like everything but I always try everything. I’m not fussy at all. I don’t have any special diet or demands. I try to be healthy and chilled. I’m not an extreme or difficult person at all. 

What are your expectations of me?

Firstly.. read through my website, please. 

I love meeting new people. It’s why I do this. That said, I do tend to be picky about whom I will meet. I will only meet quality, respectful people. I’m not really about meeting as many people as I can. Just the ones I choose. So please make sure you give me helpful information about you and your expectations when you contact me and maybe we will meet in real life soon.


How do I please you?

I love generous, open-minded, respectful and sympathetic gentlemen. 



Why don't you show your face?

I choose not to publicize my face because I value privacy and discretion as much as you. My face will remain a mystery until we meet. Please do not write “send me something nude” which is totally ungracious and you will be ignored/blocked immediately 


Do you look like your photos? I don’t want to have any surprises

Yes, totally. I can fully understand your concern. I did not use photoshop to beautify my body so that you can see the 100% real me.

Are you discreet?

Privacy is my number one priority.

I value my privacy just as much as you do. What happens between us, stays between us.I expect the same from you.


(the most concern parts)

What types of payments do you accept?

Payment is by cash/Paypal. Due to pandemic, I avoid going to the public such as banks. So Paypal it’s the best option for us. 

And the deposit is always sending via PayPal.

Per the standard code of conduct, my consideration is to be given at the beginning of our date. Upscale gentlemen don't need to be reminded about fees.


Are your rates negotiable?

The donations are for my time and companionship only and they are not negotiable.

Please do not ask as I would consider that as a sign of disrespect.

How much notice do you need?

The more notice I have the more likely I will be able to see you at the time you requested. I highly recommend scheduling our date days in advance to secure my availability. 


How do I reserve an appointment with you?

The easiest way to reach me is by texting me on WhatsApp. Calls might be missed.

If you are calling for the first time, introduce yourself mentioning your name, age,  occupation, and background. If you can send me a picture of yours, that would be great and more sincere. 

If you send me an email(your name, a little about yourself, your preferred day, time and duration) kindly provide all the necessary information or submit the contact form. Please have respect while communicating with me.

I do not respond to explicit, distasteful, or very brief initial correspondence.

When you don’t have a picture of yourself on WhatsApp/email, I might require to speaking on the phone shortly with you before our meeting.


Can I cancel our meeting, I’m not sure to come

If you have to cancel an appointment, do as far in advance as possible. If you changed your mind, just tell me, we all human and it does happen. Don’t make an appointment and then don’t turn up as this is just extremely rude. Last-minute cancellations are also not welcomed but still better than not showing up. The deposit which is 30% of the rates will be applied in this case. Please respect my time always and please be on time. Please note that last-minute cancellations and no show up will make you blacklisted.


$880 - 1H

​$1200 - 2H

*Long-term arrangement available

(contact me)

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So sweet... You're thinking about SPOILING ME!

Gifts are not the first expected but will make me blush and smile in thanks. I’m a very grateful woman. What girl doesn’t love being spoiled? And to make it easier for you, my darling gentlemen, If you would like to get me something really special I keep a WISHLIST here.

If you're a very straight-to-the-point person and would like to donate for my life and study (you can see what do I like HERE) Please reach me on WhatsApp/email for a donation link. I'll return with some little present for your love.

I appreciate your support a lot X 

last but not least

Available in North America, other countries please send an inquiry.

Text me on whastapp or sms for sending you my latest photos if you want.

I prefer paypal due to the pandemic and THE DEPOSIT IS A MUST.

I do not answer any video calls before you had texted me and make an appointment to treasure each other's time.

Looking forward to our encounter.